Thursday, November 24, 2005

What The Bleep Do We Say.

Truth seems to be a quantum phenomenon these days. I think that the ink should at least be dry before people start lying about a document.

And lying is so old fashioned. All you really need to do is not include information that is contrary to one's view.

Last week, NBC Nightly News did a segment at the end of each show where they included good news. They said it was in response to large amounts of e-mail. I suspect it was a response to the e-mail from people wondering why the good news out of Iraq was being virtually banned from American television but they seemed to claim that there was just a sudden desire for generally good news. So they had the story about someone working with troubled youth in the streets of L.A. (a comforting story for the New York media because it reinforces their view of the world). and some other feel good stories. Hell, they even included a "good news" story from Iraq. It was not about reconstruction efforts or the successes against the terrorists - sorry, insurgents - in the west of Iraq. It was about one US soldier who returned to do charitable work for all the Iraqi children who are "caught in the cross fire". Once again we learn that there is not a square inch of Iraq where the streets are not bathed with bombs 24 hours a day. He also said he was glad to be working to rebuild the country he helped destroy. I would not be surprised if they made him say that or else they would not air the name of the charity on the news.

Well they aired a piece of "good news" from Iraq so they can go back to status quo for a few years - at least until their bete noire is out of the White House. Plus they got to undermine the war and all without mentioning anything remotely like the information on my second paragraph's links.

Well played NBC.

There seem to be three lessons that the world has been trying to teach me all these years:
1) Humor is evil.
2) Truth is worthless
3) Fear is the perfect excuse for everything.

The second one is the one that applies to the subject of this post.

Fortunately for me the world is a worse teacher than my old statistics professor.


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