Saturday, November 19, 2005

When a Minority of a Minority Wish to Rule.

I am still in favor of immigration and the idea of putting religious based limits on immigrants is not something I would care to rush in to, this story and this one makes it clear that nations with open immigration policies need to take steps to educate immigrants... Hell, lets say it, "indoctrinate" new immigrants as to the ways of their new country. The women need to know what rights they have and if the men of traditional households object to "their" women being so informed, they need to be told in no uncertain terms that they may have come to the wrong country and if they do not like how things are done here they can feel free to pout. The men who are new to the country need to be informed that if they chose to live in a country where people who they feel are "enemies of Allah" are living then they will need to live peacefully with them or suffer the consequences. The enemies of Allah were here first.

I think that there are a certain fraction of the immigrant population who are coming to western countries with a very poor understanding of what life is like here and when things are too complicated for them they start preaching hate to the teenagers in the second generation. Teenagers are by default are angry, confused and looking for something to belong to and something to rebel against. Plus, burning cars is fun. Left unattended, these factors - cranks, teenagers and cars - are a recipe for unrest. The answer is clear. Get rid of the cars.


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