Thursday, November 17, 2005

Which Lies and Stupidity Should be Illegal.

David Irving, being too stupid to learn real history has a habit of making it up. (He feels the scale of the Holocaust was "exaggerated" which makes one wonder how big a Holocaust needs to be before it is bad. He also feels that the fascist, racist, totalitarian who was in complete control of Germany at the time (his initials were Adolph Hitler), had no knowledge of the new and less ethically troublesome Holocaust. Funny that one of the few people who claim to be historians and who does not believe in the actual scale of the Holocaust is also one of the few people who believe that Hitler was just some innocent out-of-the-loop dupe. If either of these delusions were true you could hold one but not the other quite easily. Maybe David Irving is a touch biased towards holding both these believes, not by the "evidence" but by the fact that he is a raving Nazi lunatic.

I do not, however intend to debate the merits of some Holocaust denier's insane ramblings. I just want to point out two interesting things.

Firstly, David Irving is not only too stupid to learn real history but he is too stupid to keep his revisionism out of a country in which it is illegal. Whether or not you agree with the law on a free speech basis you need to ask why he would return to a country where he knew he would be breaking the law by opening his fetid mouth.

"Mr Irving was previously arrested in Austria in 1984.

This time, the historian was stopped near the town of Hartberg while reportedly on his way to address a students' club in Vienna."

So like creationists, he is finding an easier reception among the young and only partially educated than he is from actual academics. People who do not know what you are talking about tend to ask easier questions during the Q & A after the talk. Irving risked arrest because he needed a friendly audience to speak to so he could feel like he was a genuine academic. His ego is hurting because, outside of the far right of Austria, everyone knows he is suffering from a condition in which trying to think causes him brain trauma.

The other thing I would like to point out is that Austria has made one type of stupidity and lies illegal. I feel this is discrimination. I think all forms of lies and stupidity should be illegal. They all lead to violence, death, disruption and poor productivity in our society.

Now given that everyone on the planet is a lying fool (my readers excluded of course), I recommend the following: Turn New Zealand into a giant prison with high-rise jails interspersed with seas of barbed wire. It will be run by killer robots and administered by me. I am going to put the media and the politicians in the same buildings so I can watch them fight. It will be like a real life "Oz".

Though I am not prone to lies or stupidity (shut up, everyone I went to junior high school with!) I will be immune to the laws for the sake of my administrative abilities and I will only speak when spoken to anyway... spoken to by the robots... who probably do not speak anyway.

My readers may live in the Warden's office or as it is currently called, the rest of the planet.


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