Friday, December 02, 2005

I Just Don't approve.

A South African missionary decided he did not approve of Halloween. Now what would a normal person do if his community was engaged in an activity that he did not approve of? Well, whatever the answer it was the farthest thing from this guy's mind.

Rev Peter Hammond decided to take his kids on a protest which he later said was "meant to be a joke" involving turning paintball guns on children (he meant to only target teenagers but when you get a trick-or-treater frozen in your headlights and their costume makes it hard to identify the age you just have to take the shot right?).

He claims it was "
not intentional and not malicious". Um... Yes it was. How can it not be? Has whatever this guy was smoking not worn off yet? It was intentional because he took the kids out to the suburbs of Cape Town with paintball guns (which can really hurt - paintball players wear safety goggles by the way - plus they can really make it hard for people to understand your costume) and told them to shoot at people. The fact that a few kids got hit is not "unintentional" but absolutely inevitable. And it was malicious because he was trying to inflict pain, humiliation and fear on his targets. This guy needs a dictionary (upside the head).

I wonder how successful a missionary this guy is. He would need to travel faster than his reputation for craziness which means that he probably has his own jet. It would also explain why he has traveled so far across Africa.
"Rev Hammond, who leads the Frontline Fellowship, is well known for his work in rebel-held areas of Sudan, Angola and Mozambique"
I would like to get the addresses of any of Hammond's neighbors who disapprove of him so I can mail them a paintball gun. What's fair is fair, right? Plus it would be a fun outing for the family.


At Sat. Dec. 03, 12:35:00 a.m. 2005, Blogger Gyrobo said...

That's just wrong.

At Sat. Dec. 03, 03:33:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

Yes, I could at least understand the motivation if he was trying to take their candy.

At Mon. Dec. 05, 11:07:00 a.m. 2005, Blogger MichaelBains said...

Hey! At least he was (probably) wearing pants!

(From your comment on UTI.)

That's a great Blogger-Bio by the way.

At Mon. Dec. 05, 03:02:00 p.m. 2005, Blogger Apesnake said...

Yes, thank heaven for small mercies. No one wants to see a missionary's mitre.


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