Thursday, December 01, 2005

Keeping Alaska Clear of the Devils Droppings.

Some people in Anchorage, Alaska are upset that someone wants to operate a cyclotron out of his house. Some are afraid of a Three Mile Island event or a Chernobyl in their neighborhood (which would be a neat trick since a cyclotron is not a nuclear reactor).

Others have more spiritual concerns. Fictitious pseudo-theologian and local fuss-pot Kenny Grumble is quoted as saying:
"Particles and radiation are evil and when they are accelerated they are worse. Think about it. They're hot and fast and the atoms that spit them out are mined from inside the earth. Oh, and they can cause cancer. How much more demonic do they need to be before they get banned?"
Other neighbors are more supportive saying that the right to keep and bare cyclotrons is a constitutional issue and that what gets accelerated in a person's home should remain between consenting adults. Harry Bitts of 5000 A Street, Anchorage Alaska, speaking to me on condition of anonymity (oops!) said:
"As long as I don't get hit in the face with a blob of charged particles I don't see the harm."


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