Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Kofi (Oily) Annan

The following is a message from the administrator of the Apesnake blog.

Would Kofi Annan please do us all the pleasure of dropping dead.

I would like to suggest to him that he immediately die of something painful and embarrassing like a bowel obstruction to the brain. If Oily thinks this is too "cheeky" of me I might suggest that he knows something about being cheeky by grabbing his ankles for lovely Saddam for cash. I always thought there was a word for doing that but we humanity seems rather intolerant these days to the kind of language that truly describe their actions. I suppose someone who gleefully presides over cover ups of UN peace keepers raping refugees and steeling money from sick Iraqi civilians and who remains completely mute while his minions reward regimes which violate human rights with high profile conferences for discussing human rights, would need to have his bowel rerouted to his brain already so maybe if he could just lower the fiber in his diet so that nature could take it's course.

Annan has some words of advice for whoever will replace him. Have a thick skin. Have a sense of humor. I might add the necessity to be as corrupt as a week dead cow in the sun. There is a point in many horror movies when someone in the damned town or haunted house turns to the main character and tells him or her "GET OUT NOW!!!"

The U.N. is the house.
America is the main character. We in Canada and Europe are already damned. It is too late for us.

GET OUT!!! Leave your Security Council seat to be fought over by the zombies. Kick these people out of New York. Get OUT!!!!! Before they eat your brains!!!

Merry Christmas Kofi. I hope you consider making it your last you evil sack of cheekiness.


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