Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wikipedia Need Cash. (Don't We All?)

Wikipedia is as, I have mentioned, a fabulous tool. In fact it has become indispensable as a means of finding out new information about things I know nothing about. Granted it is not a perfect source because it can be vandalized or acquire errors just like any encyclopedia (though not as vulnerable as people might think).

There are many causes which I would like to donate to but being a starving student, I can only use my blog to aid the cause. Wikipedia needs cash. Frankly so many people and organizations benefit from the free flow of information which it makes possible it ought to be given funding from somewhere and it appears that the somewhere is us.

I can only hope that one day someone make a wikitutorial system available so that everyone can gain access to the benefits of education. In the meantime, here is the donation page of Wikipedia. If you have a fortune or a few free bucks, you might consider giving the gift of education. Also, if there is an area of interest which your company, community, university or organization is competent in, you might look to see if there might be a way in which some time could be donated to help edit and organize the topics and articles.


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