Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Holidays (See Pat Robertson, I Met You Halfway)

Well I have calmed down a bit after watching Kofi piss on the entire civilized world. (Though not enough to regret a word of what I said in the last post. Maybe in a few decades, when he really is dead. (Nah!)

Well I am leaving my assistant/creation Lizard-Monkey in charge of my Blog while I celebrate the holidays with family and friends. I will be covertly continuing the war on Christmas by moving the more pagan ornaments like stars and holly further up the trees and stashing the wise men around the back when no none is looking. Bwhahahahaha!

Still it should be fun to slice up a bird and drink a bit too much wine and sing Carol's praises. I am not sure who Carol is but if she is worth singing about I have got to meet her.

Don't expect much from Lizard Monkey, I never did get around to wiring up his frontal cortex.

Kofi (Oily) Annan

The following is a message from the administrator of the Apesnake blog.

Would Kofi Annan please do us all the pleasure of dropping dead.

I would like to suggest to him that he immediately die of something painful and embarrassing like a bowel obstruction to the brain. If Oily thinks this is too "cheeky" of me I might suggest that he knows something about being cheeky by grabbing his ankles for lovely Saddam for cash. I always thought there was a word for doing that but we humanity seems rather intolerant these days to the kind of language that truly describe their actions. I suppose someone who gleefully presides over cover ups of UN peace keepers raping refugees and steeling money from sick Iraqi civilians and who remains completely mute while his minions reward regimes which violate human rights with high profile conferences for discussing human rights, would need to have his bowel rerouted to his brain already so maybe if he could just lower the fiber in his diet so that nature could take it's course.

Annan has some words of advice for whoever will replace him. Have a thick skin. Have a sense of humor. I might add the necessity to be as corrupt as a week dead cow in the sun. There is a point in many horror movies when someone in the damned town or haunted house turns to the main character and tells him or her "GET OUT NOW!!!"

The U.N. is the house.
America is the main character. We in Canada and Europe are already damned. It is too late for us.

GET OUT!!! Leave your Security Council seat to be fought over by the zombies. Kick these people out of New York. Get OUT!!!!! Before they eat your brains!!!

Merry Christmas Kofi. I hope you consider making it your last you evil sack of cheekiness.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

From Good Old Boy to Activist Judge in One Ruling.

Judge John E. Jones III (III? He has 3 eyes? Gross!) went from being a proper conservative God fearing G. W. Bush appointee to being an "activist judge who has delusions of grandeur" simply by listening to the Thomas More Law Center and a Discovery Institute fellow for a couple of months. Quite a transformation. If the trial had gone on any longer poor Judge Jones would have been transformed into a radical, transvestite, militant, feminist, homosexual, atheist bent on destroying Christmas. It is a good thing for the Judge that the trial wrapped up when it did.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

More Reasons to Trust the Government. Ha!

The US government is legally collecting illegal taxes. (?WTF?)

Someone bursts into your home. You shoot to protect your family. You go to death row. It is all in the name of the war on drugs. Classy.

Something Worth Reading on an Empty Stomach

Cuba is the model for Hugo Chavez. Have a nice look at the model.

Pictures Speak

Listen Syria, You can take our lives but you can never take our freedom.

As one of the comments on this article by Sandmonkey states, "Freedom is not free". Ever.

Say It Hard Enough and It Becomes True.

No definitive link has ever been discovered showing violent video games cause violent behavior. Even so, thousands of law-enforcement officers on our streets are being told otherwise.
(emphasis mine)
Just keep repeating something like "abortions cause breast cancer" or "video games kill people" and it will become true. It's just like how Tinkerbell was brought back to life by clapping.

The Bottom of the List

The Economist has rated Middle Eastern nations on a 15 point scale as to how much freedom they have. It is interesting that the three on the bottom of the list, Libya, Syria and Saudi Arabia are also the three that have the greatest threat to the security of western nations. Iran is 5th worst.

But what is actually strange to me (as opposed to sarcastically strange) is that some of the nations that are doing well economically are still poor in the freedom rating. I suspect that it is more due to the fact that prosperity brings freedom where as freedom does not always bring prosperity. I have been told that nations tend to become democratic when greater than 50% of the population has been literate for more than a generation. I think a good case can be made that the prosperity has occurred so rapidly in some of these countries that it has yet to translate into political freedom just as in China.

Maybe the west should take a page out of the radical Wahhabi book and fund schools across the Middle East. They would need to be non Christian (Bush et all might cringe) but teach real education instead of memorization of holy books and how to build a pipe bomb. It might even embarrass the governments in the Middle East to spend more on their education systems than on their militaries. It might also embarrass western nations to spend more on education than on their militaries. Until the chambers of commerce of the world realize that funding education is in their own interests it will be up to the government to pick up the slack and they have been doing a pretty poor job up until now.

No education = no freedom and no freedom = no peace. Yes, many of those involved in terrorism in the Middle east are middle class and "educated". But their views and beliefs are derived from the culture of and sympathy with the poorest and uneducated.

Wikipedia Need Cash. (Don't We All?)

Wikipedia is as, I have mentioned, a fabulous tool. In fact it has become indispensable as a means of finding out new information about things I know nothing about. Granted it is not a perfect source because it can be vandalized or acquire errors just like any encyclopedia (though not as vulnerable as people might think).

There are many causes which I would like to donate to but being a starving student, I can only use my blog to aid the cause. Wikipedia needs cash. Frankly so many people and organizations benefit from the free flow of information which it makes possible it ought to be given funding from somewhere and it appears that the somewhere is us.

I can only hope that one day someone make a wikitutorial system available so that everyone can gain access to the benefits of education. In the meantime, here is the donation page of Wikipedia. If you have a fortune or a few free bucks, you might consider giving the gift of education. Also, if there is an area of interest which your company, community, university or organization is competent in, you might look to see if there might be a way in which some time could be donated to help edit and organize the topics and articles.

Reports from Dover

The media might not be able to do stories about the reconstruction in Iraq but luckily they are willing to brave the God forsaken town of Dover PA.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hitler Believed in Evolution,

Rusty Carter has a degree in biblical studies from Colorado Christian University. His bling job is doing floor maintenance but his true passion is educating children by leading creationism tours at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for a Christian school. Neither I nor the museum have any problem with that. They are being exposed to the exhibits at least so maybe some of them will develop an interest in science that will take them beyond Rusty's views. Anytime they spend outside the Truth Christian Academy is probably in their best interests. (Is floor maintenance like a euphemism for cleaning? You would think that if a floor was put in correctly it should pretty much sit there until it needed repair. Maybe they have Rusty spread out on it to keep it from curling up. I am sure there is a real job behind the term "floor maintenance" but it defiantly needs a more descriptive title if floor maintenance workers are to be taken seriously. They should also not make Rusty their spokesman if they want to be taken seriously as the following extraction of this article shows.

Carter goes for the drama. Hitler believed in evolution, he tells the students, but Carter is careful to emphasize he does not mean people who believe in evolution are racists.

How careful of him. He just mentions it because it is educational. Not racist - just evil.

For a little hometown shock he calls Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, two Colorado teenagers who killed 13 people at Columbine High School before killing themselves, evolutionists.

I understand that they were gay, feminist, abortion doctors who were filing for divorce too. I am surprised to hear them described as evolutionists; I must have missed the science papers they published in the peer reviewed journal CRAZY-ASSED! The Journal of Darwinian Slaughtering. I am actually very pleased that they are learning creationism from Rusty. Even if they get fooled now, as the years progress and they hear the same tactics repeated over and over again, and watch how people in the wider world tear them to shreds logically speaking. They will think back on how the school they went to had a floor maintenance worker teach them science while using strawmen and sophistries to do it. In my opinion, Rusty is the best person to teach creationism.

In other news Georgia is getting an ice storm. Sources close to God say that he was aiming for Dover PA but with his new bifocals, Pat Robertson might have to hold his I-told-you-so's for a couple months.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

NBC Nightly News - reporting from a parallel universe

I often watch the NBC Nightly News for unknown reasons. I have mentioned before that I feel that their Iraq coverage is extremely biased but tonight there were some fluctuations in the barrier between universes and for brief moment I was able to see what NBC nightly news would be like if there was an attempt to be principled.

The first fluctuation occurred in the middle of an "update" on last night's story on how the Pentagon was spying on anti-war groups and labeling them as "threats" they were reporting on how the fallout from this issue was continuing to result in sharp criticism (last night they fantasized about how this was exactly the same kind of thing that went on during the Vietnam war and contributed to the end of that war) when all of a sudden they mentioned that the Pentagon had responded to the charges. The information was collected by law enforcement agencies like the FBI so the charge that the Pentagon is spying on citizens is... (what is the euphemism that the media uses when they are caught lying?) controversial. The other source of this information is the military recruiters who these people are screaming at which explains why the military has labeled some of these groups as potential threats and why they are looking at these groups to begin with. They are concerned about the safety of their employees. (The bastards! Their kind always sticks together.)

NBC presented the original story as if peace groups were being labeled as threats, presumably to national security, simply because of their anti war activities. This kind of behavior by the Pentagon is quite unbelievable to the public and for good reason. It did not happen. I have, however, seen footage of some of these anti-recruitment protestors in action and frankly I would consider them a threat to the safety of recruitment personnel quite easily.

Still, NBC did at least give the Pentagon's side of the story which is actually quite a step. Usually if they don't like the information in question they just don't report it. Fortunately NBC in Bizarro world is somewhat more conscientious. Luckily for me, Bizarro NBC was partially visible tonight.

The regular NBC came back and Brian Williams trotted out the old canard about not reporting good news from Iraq because it is too dangerous for journalists to function there except when they are gathering reports on bombings - they can get to any town in seconds of an explosion - and of course they could not report on stories done by the Iraq media because... um... (Strange that they could get reporters into war zones with bullets hitting the walls behind them in the 1980s and 90s but being driven to a location like an electrical plant or a sewage treatment plant or a school by an Iraqi while the American journalists hides in the legwells is too much of a risk for modern news bureaus to take. Workers comp. rates must have gone up.)

Then there was another fluctuation and the Bizarro NBC actually reported on some of the good news in Iraq:
  • The Iraqi stock exchange
  • A female Iraqi broadcaster who was thankful for the liberation
  • The fact that 60% of the respondents to a recent pole in Iraq said that while they wanted the US troops to leave, they did not want immediate withdrawal (the 40% who wanted immediate withdrawal were not broken up into whether they wanted this because they resented the US presence or because they thought that the terrorists would stop if the US pulled out. At least, if such a distinction was made it was not during the viewable portion of the alternative universe's broadcast).
Nothing about the reconstruction of infrastructure or the employment trends over the last few years and such were aired but parallel universes do not stay in contact for long it appears. Still it was fun to see how the other world lives.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


This is the second time Sony has released a "fix" that is just as bad or worse than the original vandalism. Why will no one get arrested over this? I am not usually big on boycotts but I think people should start putting pressure on music stores to not carry Sony music. Has a major corporation ever been brought to its knees because it refused to stop committing crimes against it's customers? Wouldn't it be nice if Sony was the first?

The Best Answer to Bad Speech

"I've always thought the best answer to bad speech was better speech."
That was a quote from John Seigenthaler Sr. on a CNN interview. He is quite upset that false information about him was placed on Wikipedia and was not discovered for some time. Now everyone knows that Wikipedia is not meant to be an authoritative reference. It is an extremely useful source of information due to its vast scope and it provides a way to explore cognitive jumps between seemingly unrelated subjects. It also allows one to quickly and easily explore the aspects of a topic that one is weaker on while ignoring the subjects that might be old hat. One should not use it as a singular source of new information. It can be vulnerable to vandalism.

But Johnny boy goes way overboard when he calls Wikipedia a
"flawed and irresponsible research tool". It is flawed and irresponsible for journalists to use it as a research tool without doing any follow up to verify the information but that is a flaw of what passes for journalism these days not of Wikipedia.

Speaking of flawed and irresponsible research tools, I wonder why John does not have a look at that paper he was the founding editorial director of, USA Today. It seems to have gone down hill recently, I wonder if John cares to comment about how his old ship holds journalistic water?
Recently they published a phony debate (like those "discussions" they have on infomercials pretending to be talk-shows) between an old-time creationist Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel, who is described as "a liberal Democratic strategist". He is actually a straight man for Cal and in the "debate" agrees with Cal on just about everything. Publishing a debate between two people who agree and who are of very little credibility as "strategists" and "columnists" is flawed and irresponsible. If I had been an editorial director of a major publication that let its integrity go down the toilet after I left, I would not be wasting my time criticizing Wikipedia for being vandalized. (Any comments John?)

Maybe the reason no one found the error for so long is because no one looked up his bio on Wikipedia. Maybe no one cares about him. Maybe he's a has been. Just a thought.

Great Gollum! Bush Declares War on Christmas.

The war on Christmas has been joined by G. W. Bush. That was unexpected.

Friday, December 02, 2005

I Just Don't approve.

A South African missionary decided he did not approve of Halloween. Now what would a normal person do if his community was engaged in an activity that he did not approve of? Well, whatever the answer it was the farthest thing from this guy's mind.

Rev Peter Hammond decided to take his kids on a protest which he later said was "meant to be a joke" involving turning paintball guns on children (he meant to only target teenagers but when you get a trick-or-treater frozen in your headlights and their costume makes it hard to identify the age you just have to take the shot right?).

He claims it was "
not intentional and not malicious". Um... Yes it was. How can it not be? Has whatever this guy was smoking not worn off yet? It was intentional because he took the kids out to the suburbs of Cape Town with paintball guns (which can really hurt - paintball players wear safety goggles by the way - plus they can really make it hard for people to understand your costume) and told them to shoot at people. The fact that a few kids got hit is not "unintentional" but absolutely inevitable. And it was malicious because he was trying to inflict pain, humiliation and fear on his targets. This guy needs a dictionary (upside the head).

I wonder how successful a missionary this guy is. He would need to travel faster than his reputation for craziness which means that he probably has his own jet. It would also explain why he has traveled so far across Africa.
"Rev Hammond, who leads the Frontline Fellowship, is well known for his work in rebel-held areas of Sudan, Angola and Mozambique"
I would like to get the addresses of any of Hammond's neighbors who disapprove of him so I can mail them a paintball gun. What's fair is fair, right? Plus it would be a fun outing for the family.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Keeping Alaska Clear of the Devils Droppings.

Some people in Anchorage, Alaska are upset that someone wants to operate a cyclotron out of his house. Some are afraid of a Three Mile Island event or a Chernobyl in their neighborhood (which would be a neat trick since a cyclotron is not a nuclear reactor).

Others have more spiritual concerns. Fictitious pseudo-theologian and local fuss-pot Kenny Grumble is quoted as saying:
"Particles and radiation are evil and when they are accelerated they are worse. Think about it. They're hot and fast and the atoms that spit them out are mined from inside the earth. Oh, and they can cause cancer. How much more demonic do they need to be before they get banned?"
Other neighbors are more supportive saying that the right to keep and bare cyclotrons is a constitutional issue and that what gets accelerated in a person's home should remain between consenting adults. Harry Bitts of 5000 A Street, Anchorage Alaska, speaking to me on condition of anonymity (oops!) said:
"As long as I don't get hit in the face with a blob of charged particles I don't see the harm."


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