Monday, January 09, 2006

The Coot Who Sprays the Golden Egg

I like learning about other cultures; including the con-men of other cultures. Apparently coughing up a golden lingam (this lingam looked more like a golden egg to me - the thing that comes out of the cloacae of magical geese on Disney cartoons so that the characters have something to fight over) is a sign of divinity in some branches of Hinduism. Wikipedea seems to think that a lingam is some kind of phallic symbol. This makes it all the more strange that this Hindu holy dude is claiming to have spat one up.

It is pretty obvious from the video that this guy is doing bad slight of hand but I also recently saw ordinary people, some of whom claimed to be skeptical of paranormal things claim to have seen a nail bend in front of them simply because of some background build up and the combined suggestion of the magician (billed to them as a psychic) and the volunteer (plant). If suggestion can make people see things that didn't happen it might not be fair to be too hard on the followers of this guy. The guru himself, however, aught to be horse-whipped though you really need good arm muscles to whip someone with a horse.

I just hope that we don't see Pat Robertson coughing up spit covered phallic symbols anytime soon.


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