Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dear California, WTF?

There seem to be a lot of Californians who are buying sick and dying puppies in parking lots. That's not weird, right? Plain old Californian dying puppies are not good enough though, so they are shelling out top dollar, up to a thousand bucks for imported Mexican dying puppies.

Well, ya see, if you are going to buy a dying puppy you don't want to be seen buying domestic. That would be gauche. Come one California, where is your patriotic spirit? If you go out to buy a dying puppy today, look for the label that says USA. American puppy mill owners go to a lot of trouble to mistreat animals for you and your family. Don't sell them out to a bunch of Mexicans with barking overcoats.

Is there a new culinary craze that I am unaware of? What exactly are they doing with dying puppies?

Wait, I really don't want to know that do I? Seriously, I am sure that most Californians, when approached in a parking lot and given the option of buying a dying puppy turn down the offer but the fact that there are enough people saying yes and paying up to a thousand bucks to make this profitable makes me think that the rest of you might want to send your kids to private school. Preferably in a different state.

Just a thought.


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