Monday, January 30, 2006

Insurgent Country

Well, Bob Woodruff got injured and the media is going on about how this proves the argument they have been making that Iraq is too dangerous a place to report on in an unbiased manner. I heard one report claim that he was riding in an Iraqi police vehicle but that is not possible because there are no Iraqi police according to what the media tells me. He was also driving into what NBC called "the heart of insurgent country". Man, you rebrand yourself from terrorists to insurgents and the next thing you know you have your own country. I need to get myself a publicist.

But the fact that he was driving into the most dangerous part of Iraq illustrates the "if it bleeds it leads" policy of the media. How this supports the media's contention that they can't report on anything that does not explode is beyond me.

Here is a view on Iraq and the journalism dealing with that nation which has some interesting points to make.


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