Saturday, January 14, 2006

Marital Nudity and Big Swords.

Some Islamic scholars feel that nudity during sex will annul a marriage. I wonder if the annulment occurs before, during or after the event. If before or during then the woman would be committing adultery and in some countries face stoning.

Other Islamic scholars (I love that phrase) say that marital nudity is okay as long as neither party actually looks at the genitals of the other.

If Islam and nudity are not your cup of tea, why not buy a big-ass Jesus sword. I could have sworn this was a parody but it seems to be for real (in the weakest possible sense of the word real). Yes, Pastor Rod Parsley (!) will give only the most stable people who possess $41.10 a sword (for display purposes only - unless God tells you different then it's all-bets-off) just like the one King Arthur used when he killed his enemies.

My new "to do" list:
  1. Start wearing a suit of armor.
  2. Find a woman willing to wear a cast-iron burka.
  3. Build extra large can-opener.
  4. Kill dragons.


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