Sunday, January 15, 2006

Members of SA Gay Rights Group Out of Their Minds.

A South African Gay rights group feels that screening blood donations for risk behaviors is discrimination. They feel all blood should be treated equally. I'm sorry... body fluids have human rights now? I suppose that if you are going to confer civil rights to individual human cells you might as well include the 4 humours. Homosexuality is not sufficient to ban a donation but they are asking people if they have had guy on guy sex in the last 5 years. (I seem to remember that I get asked if I have since 1977.)

The is a simple fact in this world that HIV rates are higher in the homosexual community due to historical (a certain promiscuous Canadian flight attendant) and sociological factors, combined with the fact that anal sex is a much higher risk behavior than vaginal sex. The highest risk for transmission though is getting a blood transfusion from and infected donor and while the HIV test is good, it is not perfect and human errors do occur. This is why screening out the blood of people who engage in behaviors with the highest risk of transmission is imperative to preventing needless transmission.

Gay and Lesbian Alliance is throwing away their credibility and damaging the reputation of homosexuals in a traditionally homophobic part of the world by encouraging well meaning homosexual, a portion of whom are most certainly infected without knowing it, to end the lives of people for political reasons.

Here you see a case where people have not been taught basic reasoning skills and so think that blood is endowed with human rights that equal or superior to those of real human beings. Is it a surprise that some people (myself at least) feel that the refusal to teach logic and reason in schools is a life and death issue? Do I need to write this on the moon with a giant laser or what?


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