Thursday, January 26, 2006

NBC Nightly News and Variety Show.

Brian Williams was in fine form last night. NBC nightly news aired a story (story in the sense of a fictitious narrative) about the training of Iraqis by the US military. They did a very good job of creating the impression that there were about 9 Iraqi soldiers and police who have been trained so far and that they all run off from their posts for cigarettes quite often, combined with thousands of terrorist infiltrators (sorry brave insurgent infiltrators). I am not saying that there have not been some infiltration and that there are not significant problems when training a civilian and military force from the ground up but this was a complete hatchet job.

While they were doing a story on Iraq security they might have mentioned the exact numbers of police and soldiers trained to date, the instances of red on red conflict (the media has hardly mentioned this term which applies to enemies turning on each other - in Iraq's case it is nationalists turning on al-Qaida people) or they might have even mentioned the number of tips from civilians against terrorists activities or... well they might have mentioned anything. But they chose not to.

Brian Williams came back on and eventually ended the evening with a commentary in which he took some of his viewers to task for having expressed the opinion that NBC was obsessing about Katrina. I suspect that they were sick of how they and other media organizations have been exploiting people's suffering. But to hear Williams tell it, these people were just sick of hearing about other people's suffering. I don't trust Williams to represent the views of anyone, least of all people who are criticizing his coverage.

As an aside, is it just me or did the recent bombing strike on that dwelling in Pakistan drop off the media radar at about the time that it was discovered that some high level terrorists had died. Instead of the nice comforting story about the US aiming at a terrorist who was not even there and killing innocent civilians became a story about at least four valuable al-Qaida targets being killed. The TV network news seem to have lost interest.


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