Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blasphemy Can Only Be Used For Revenge.

This was a quote from someone who felt that no one has the "right" to offend anyone's religious beliefs unless they have disrespected you first. Sort of a "Do unto others" on an "eye for an eye" basis. Posted by Picasa

The statement was issued in regards to a blasphemous little web game involving the crucifixion and is seems remarkably similar to what the anti-cartoon westerners are saying. Ironically they would be the first to laugh at such a statement when presented by a Christian (Well, I might beat them to it with a giggle). ['Anti-cartoon westerners'. Welcome to the 21st century where any few words can become a meaningful phrase.]

I wonder if this person sees the importance of freedom of speech differently now that unconditional respect for Islam is being demanded of non Islamic people.


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