Saturday, February 25, 2006

Europe Wants Help

(Addendum below)
Germany's former Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer feels that America should be joining in with them as they try to negotiate the stupidity out of President of Iran.
"It would be really helpful if the United States could join,'' he said of the talks Britain, France and Germany held with Iran while the United States maintained its diplomatic boycott of Tehran.

We have an important opportunity to solve this if we work together,'' Fischer said at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. "Europe is not strong enough.''
It is not strength that Europe lacks, (in this instance) it is courage and credibility. I love that he tells America what would be helpful. Because Odin knows that Europe has been nothing if not helpful in dealing with Saddam. I wonder if Europe is beginning to worry that their best friend in the world of anti-American politics is going to get Israel going preemptive itself. That wouldn't be good for business.

There is a dangerous mad-mad leading a totalitarian regime that is attempting to get weapons of mass destruction and violating international law. He has expressed a desire to see a neighboring nation wiped out. France and Germany get to deal with this one. If they fail and America needs to take military action to defend Israel, France and Germany leave the UN and France's permanent seat on the security council goes to India.

Addendum: I might seem hypocritical for a Canadian to call out Europe on being unable to stand up to Iran and Saddam but it is not. Canada is not trying to be a seen as a global superpower as Europe is. Canada was not actively trying to protect Iraq from having to live up to its obligations made to the UN after loosing its war to annex Kuwait, she simply refused to participate. Plus, I never said that I thought Canada was doing all it could to stand up to tyrants. All I am saying is that if Europe wants to negotiate with Iran's cognitively hypobaric president they should not be glancing over their shoulder to see if older brother has arrived. It is unseemly.

Oh and while on the subject of dealing with dictators, I wonder if our illustrious new leader Smiley McSmirk (aka Stephen Harper) wants to do the right thing in regards to Cuba without looking like he is bowing to the Helms-Burton nonsense. ("Let's drive countries toward Castro's circle by taking pot shots at them. It's called diplomacy. Jesse Helms learned it from a magazine so it must be a good idea.") If so, Smiley should consider creating some ads (Canadian Governments create propaganda on the public dime all the time why shouldn't some of it be accurate) showing the treatment of Cubans and explaining how Cuba is not a normal country where their tourist dollars might improve the economy.


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