Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Political prisoners in Iran, including some who have been held for years are disappearing according to their families and other prisoners. Classy. Don't worry, Kofi Annan is sure to say something any day now. Even Amnesty International, while not using words like "gulag" is being critical of the regime.

Speaking of Kofi's world, the United Nitwits have again accused the US of torture and such at Guantanamo Bay after refusing to even go there. They refused because the American military would not let them interview individual prisoners. Since the word of terrorists who have, for the record, been instructed to lie about torture if captured is all that really matters, they would rather not be mislead as to the conditions of these prisoners by actually going there and seeing the place. Again - classy.

And the media got some new photos of Abu Ghraib abuses and are running the story as if it happened yesterday. I suppose that making up news can be tiring and sometimes you just need to air reruns.

Saddam is going on a hunger strike. I don't know what is more humorous: the fact that he thinks he has the moral fiber to actually starve himself, the idea that he might actually succeed in giving himself the long drawn out death he actually deserves but no one wants to be responsible for, or the idea that he believes anyone of any worth cares if he dies a slow painful death. If anyone really wants to feel sympathy over someone who was on a hunger strike, try ignoring the self important gas bag and read this guy's story. While he has ended his hunger strike now the photo shows that he went further than most could to stand up to Hugo Chavez's lover. Guillermo Fariñas Hernández is an independent journalist who was starving himself for Internet access. Western Journalists and editors seemed unimpressed.


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