Sunday, February 19, 2006

Music is Evil!

How many times do I need to tell the world that music is evil? Via Boing Boing I happened to note this story.

Look people, the folks who make music are at best self-absorbed, self-important drugged out narcissistic weirdos (getting together every few years for a promotion to feed the people made hungry by the socialist nonsense that many of them promote does not count as charity work either). But as rich as they become off your purchase of their wares, the real beneficiaries of legitimate sales of music are the blood sucking parasitic Cosa Nostras like the RIAA. And if you get your music illegally you are creating a niche which is ripe for exploitation; a selective pressure favoring the evolution of an even more insidious form of societal pathogen; a frankensteinian creation made of parts from the RIAA, lawyers, child stalkers and extortionists. It is this new pseudo-life form that will contribute to the increasing corruption of legislative bodies and legal systems.

If you want to listen to music, learn how to make it yourself. Of course, that will eventually make you part of the problem. Music is the rootkit of the soul. Why do you think every nation has an anthem and churches expose their subjects to these hypnotic tones.

Music is bad mojo. The Taliban proved this. No one can be wrong about everything and the Taliban were wrong about everything except music being evil.
QED (I think.)


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