Saturday, February 18, 2006

Remember Tunisia?

Do you recall how the UN rewarded Tunisia for its exemplary work on freedom of expression with the right to host the World Summit on the Information Society in 2005? Some naysayers thought that nothing good could come of a summit on the "information society" hosted in a country that hates information and all who traffic in it.

Well, I just noticed
this story,
Cuba, Iran lash out at Internet freedom which shows that the summit was a valuable opportunity for some of the world's most informed leaders to provide their view of how the Internet should be changed to better accommodate their needs.

I can't quote from the article because the whole thing is too priceless to be taken in pieces. If the UN is good for anything (and they certainly seem to be trying very hard not to give that impression) it is as a cautionary example as to why global organizations should not be set up and managed in the presence of mercury vapors.


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