Thursday, February 23, 2006

Some Things I Have Come Across

These first two are teasers for a payment required article but they sound interesting:

  • Changing the look of your avatar in an online environment changes your online personality. I find it intriguing how profoundly one's self image-even one's virtual self image-can affect one's personality.

  • Some quantum computers work better when you don't run the program. I think I am going to find the white rabbit now.

Shouldn't people who get violent over anything and everything be encouraged to group together beneath armed predator drones?

But the truth is, the internet cannot be both globally acceptable and a force for democracy.
Well said.

  • And finally, here is an article about some of the problems which European Muslims are experiencing because of the attitude of some that immigrating is just a step towards civilizing Europe so no integration into European society is necessary.
More random detritus later.


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