Monday, March 13, 2006

Al-Sadr Does What Media Can't - Blame the Right People.

Sandmonkey has good news (via Yahoo News and AP) and bad news (via Silly Bahraini Girl) today.

The good news is that Al-Sadr (not one of my favorite Iraqi figures but who has demonstrated some character in the past) is blaming al-Qaida in Iraq for the recent violence and calling for calm while the media blames the entire Sunni population and calls for civil war.

The bad news is that Saudi Arabia is trying to out do itself in the race to find the world's most creepy, bitter clerics. These latest two sheikhs are calling for no women to be able to use the Internet without the supervision of a male relative who is an expert in how wicked women are. Every family has one of those right?

UPDATE: I am sitting here hearing a local news program (one that is more objective than national news) confirming the positive of al-Sadr while I am reading this post describing him quite differently. I will wait to see what more info about him drips out. Truth is sometimes a slow drink. I hope the information proving Iran's involvement.


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