Sunday, March 05, 2006

Amnesty International Buys Brooklyn Bridge

Amnesty International has issued a report about the human rights violations by US forces in Iraq. The source for this report?
It said it based its findings on interviews with former inmates.
Again. Do any of these human rights agencies have anyone who is completely ambulatory working for them? More importantly, should suspected al-Qaida and Ba'athist terrorists be used as an exclusive source for your report? Amnesty International has proven that they are glue sniffers before, which is sad because the world really needs a group that actually is what AI claims to be.

Since another psychic report on prison conditions was recently issued against America it might be helpful to examine the accuracy of such works. When media reported on the new criticisms of Gitmo recently they gave first and foremost attention to the testimony of those who all claimed to be completely uninvolved in al-Qaida and Taliban (just happened to be tagging along when they were attacking) and had lots of incredible tales of abuse. Down at the bottom of these news stories (if mentioned at all) are brief mentions (unlike the Houston Chronicle which gives the whole story from the AP) of someone who admits to having been involved and reformed who says that the prison conditions are currently very good. Of course he is untrustworthy to the media because he admits his involvement. People who tell the truth can't be trusted, you see.


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