Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cranial Lard Roundup

Let's begin with an opinion piece in the National Post (print edition) in which the former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia (and defense witness at Slobo's trial) complains that the media put to much blame on the poor guy. His piece does a pretty good job of whitewashing Slobo's career, no mentions of the origin of the term "ethnic cleansing" or media crack downs. The arguments put forward seemed to boil down to:

a) Someone else started it.
b) Not nearly as many people died as is believed.
c) Slobo was not in control of his troops.

Fortunately the National Post is not a socialist rag and generally allows crap like this in their paper so that they can tear it to shred's in future editorials. It would be considered a strawman tactic if it were not for the large number of socialists who agree with former ambassador what's-his-face.

Moving on to examining the wonders of homeschooling, another National Post article caught my eye today. Autumn Ashante, a 7 year old daughter of a converted Muslim New Yorker has produced poetry that got her banned from the school where she recited it during Black History Month. Now the banning was an over reaction, especially given that the poem was the usual stuff that bubbles to the surface every once in a while during BHM along with claims that ancient Egyptians were black Africans and landed on the moon thousands of years ago. The school would have been far better off in using the issue to examine these attitudes critically but I think I have noted in places that public schools do not deal well with issues of reason and logic. What is really interesting is that Autumn was inspired by her "homeschooling" to use the poem to call Darwin (along with Christopher Columbus) a pirate and a vampire. Now anyone familiar with Flying Spaghetti Monsterism will understand the pirate aspect (he sailed around on a wooden boat for God's sake) but a vampire? Apparently so.

At a press conference she explained her poem:
"Darwin was a pirate - just like Christopher Columbus - all he did was murder, rape and steal,"
Now I need to clarify some things here. Murder, raping and stealing are not ALL Darwin did. As he mentions in a recent interview, he wrote a book. He also did a lot of field work in natural science, not to mention the fact that he made a really good noodle koodle.

Autumn Ashante expresses sadness over the controversy and hopes that it will not hurt her career. I would be more worried about having my career hurt by the fact that her father is using the homeschooling concept to raise her without an education. It is hard to get a job-even as a poet-when one's education consists entirely of sitting at home being lied to by one's dad.


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