Monday, March 20, 2006

Democrats and Other Psychic Friends

The CBC Radio news program, World Report which runs at the top of the hour was holding court in fine form this morning. They were stopping just shy of declaring victory for the brave insurgency and defeat for the imperialist crusaders but instead told us that many believe that victory had come for the brave insurgency and defeat for the imperialist crusaders. As long as it is someone else's statements it is news not propaganda even if the people saying it are the people you have been propagandizing for the last 3 years or just the guy down the hall. They must have cut themselves off early because they never got around to using the term "eminent civil war" fifteen times and they neglected to chant "Death to America" before going back to local programming but then the news has to fit in a roughly ten minute time slot so maybe they got to it later in the morning.

They might want to hold off on the prediction making because left-wingers have a pretty poor record of it, as this fellow shows.


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