Thursday, March 09, 2006

Media All But Ignores Iran's Protest.

What little coverage there was of the protest for women's rights in Iran yesterday seems to have been designed to minimize. The BBC did an article on Iranian women today that didn't even mention the protest or the allegations of arrests and beatings but instead gave most of the article to a regime stooge in drag. CNN has a photo montage (not linkable) of International Women's Day events with Iran not mentioned.

I suppose that just because men and women in one of the most misogynist counties on the planet are willing to risk imprisonment and worse to stand up for what is right on International Women's Day there is no reason to expect the media to be impressed. Iran is an anti-American nation which equals friendly in the calculus of western media, but they are also a nation that wants to wipe Israel off the map, thinks the Holocaust is funny and happens to want nuclear technology for... oh, no reason. The media is, of course, busy racking their brains trying to figure out how to make Iran look less crazy (explaining the BBC article where the theocratic woman wants to educate Condoleezza Rice on how great things are for women in Iran).

Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Burma... there sure seem to be a lot of nations who are cashing in on the deal that the media offers. If you vocally criticize America and the west and democracy and capitalism you can do absolutely whatever you want and no negative news will be reported about you.

I love this world. Hey NASA, when can I leave?


At Thu. Jun. 01, 11:21:00 a.m. 2006, Blogger Bill Baar said...

Spirit of Man has video of the protests in Tabriz.


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