Friday, March 24, 2006

NBC Hates Camera Crew.

Well the criticism of the media's treatment of Iraq coverage must have touched a nerve. (Jack Cafferty of CNN infamy went so far as to say that there is no good news from Iraq.) Three days after NBC Nightly News aired a denial of the criticism, they aired tonight's segment of "Iraq: Three years later" where the delved into the psyche of their Baghdad reporter and his personal behind-the-scenes footage.

We got to see the NBC reporter using a treadmill because he can't go outside and punching the heavy bag to relieve the stress of having seen dogs chewing on a dead body. (They are animals dude, cut them some slack. In all seriousness dogs will chew on any dead body, even in America, where people generally do not turn it into a political statement). We saw how the crew is forced to take turns cooking for each other because they can not go to a restaurant. We got to see the aftermath of a car bomb that the terrorists helpfully brought to within view of his window. What we did not see during the week long "Iraq: Three years later" was anything about security, reconstruction (PDF - Sorry to disappoint you Cafferty but it does exist), reconstruction (yes it bares saying twice), or any good news whatsoever.

One thing I did see on this self-aggrandizing bit of tripe was some footage of NBC filming this reporter. It went by pretty quick and I only noticed it after thinking back on the story but it seemed to me that the reporter was the only one wearing body armor. The camera guy and the boom mic fellow were in normal street cloths. Does NBC feel that camera operators are dispensable? Do boom mic operators not have families. Is NBC heartless or just lacking any ethics? I know which one I would bet on.


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