Tuesday, March 21, 2006

NBC Nightly News Takes a Look in the Mirror

Tonight NBC Nightly News examined the question of whether or not they are biased in their coverage of Iraq.

Guess what they concluded. No really, guess.

They decided the charges were groundless. You see it is still too dangerous to report any good news from Iraq. That is not to say that their reporters do not venture out of the hotel; they most certainly do - every day. It is just that when they do go out it is still too dangerous to cover good news. Only flaming cars and bomb blasts are safe. Or news worthy.

So why are these charges being made at the media? Guess why. No really, guess.

It is because America is loosing the war and the Republicans need someone to blame it on (now they had a sox puppet guy on to say that last bit so it looks objective but that is their argument). And in an entire piece on whether the media is distorting the view of Iraq by fixating on flames and gunfire, often out of context, they included large numbers of clips of flames and gunfire out of context and not one picture of markets or new schools or a waste treatment plant or Iraqi Kurdistan or soldiers giving out school supplies to Iraqi children.

BTW The Unrepentant Individual has an interesting post on the US economy verses perception of the US economy.


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