Friday, March 03, 2006

Some UN Troops and Staff Want Prostitutes

Normblog takes notice of the this interesting development. It seems that in addition to the sex abuse by UN troops not having been dealt with to a satisfactory degree, some UN troops and staff are resisting the ban on them using prostitutes.

Imagine an organization where people don't get fired for complaining about not being able to frequent prostitutes in the country they are working in. If you want to be against the prohibition of prostitution on your own dime that is fine. I can understand that. I don't believe in supporting prostitution personally but I don't see it as something which is best addressed with law enforcement methods with the exception of targeting those who traffic in and exploit sex workers. It is the prohibition which leads to the criminal sex trade to start with.

If, however, an organization hires you to work for the betterment of a nation they have the right to demand that you follow the local laws to the best of your ability, that you do not tarnish the organizations reputation and that you don't use the locals as prostitutes. The fact that some UN workers need this explained to them or that they feel entitled to complain about this is just freakin' unfathomable.


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