Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What Do Afghanistanis Know About Afghanistan Anyway?

Elements of Canadian society (rhymes with 'reft-wing') have been so buoyed by the success of the anti-war campaign in the states that they recently have been trying to use Canadian media to turn the country against the Afghanistan mission. Even the minority Liberal party, who's government committed to the mission, started to backpedal in the hope that they could blame the whole thing on the Conservative party. They were making some headway until the soldiers and their families snuck in to the debate and started blabbing the facts and other inconvenient things.

The Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, on a surprise trip to Afghanistan told the troops that cutting and running was an offensive suggestion and was out of the question. He used strong enough speech that the "mainstream" left had to back down a bit or look like craven idiots. The rest of the left has no such inhibitions and so the Afghanistan ambassador to Canada was asked what he thought about this movement.

This Normblog post contains his reply and some interesting links on the subject.


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